Secondary School Offerings


On Teen Tuesdays, Science World only accepts bookings from secondary schools and offers additional Grade 8–12 curriculum-connected programming. We know that teens don't like to be treated like children so we are thrilled to create a space where they can engage with science in the company of their peers!

January 23, February 20, March 13, April 17, and May 15, 2018

Featured Gallery

BodyWorks: Discover the ins and outs of the human body. With new exhibits and revised graphics and Lab Zone presented by Genome BC! Topics include: 

  • What do I look like? 
  • Where did I come from? 
  • What's inside me? 

Lab workshops

Tinkering with circuits: Tinkering is mindful messing-about with tools and materials, with the goal of finding out their possibilities and limitations. When we tinker, we make new things from existing parts, solve problems and learn by making mistakes. In this workshop, your students will experiment with some unconventional, low current, circuit-building materials to meet design challenges. Best for Grade 8–9, available daily at 10am and 12pm. 

Eyeball Optics: Students will work in groups to explore some of the behaviours of light and dissect animal eyeballs to find the lens inside. Best for Grade 8, Teen Tuesday exclusive. 

Global Soundscapes: Mission to Record the Earthan interactive theatre show that takes students on an ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the exciting new field of soundscape ecology. Best for Environmental Science 11, Teen Tuesday exclusive. 

Interested in planning a field trip around Pond Studies or Electrophoresis or can't make it on a Teen Tuesday? Contact our Youth Programs Specialist: [email protected]  

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What's a Teen Tuesday like? 

One week before your reserved visit, our Youth Programs Specialist will email teachers with a confirmed list of special guests and activities. The following are confirmed for fall 2017:

Special guests

Explore the science of DNA with Genome BC (April 17) 
Discover virtual dissection tools with Animals in Science Policy Institute (May 15) 
Learn about the science of saving lives with hands-on demos by Pacific First Aid (May 15) 
And more!

Staff/volunteer led activities

Biological Molecules – Activity station where students can make organic molecule models using marshmallows
And more!

Teen Tuesday 10:20 Centre Stage show

Designed for Grade 8–12 to complement a life sciences–themed field trip 

Want some ideas for planning your grade 8–12 field trip?

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