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What’s the TAG team?


The TAG Team is Science World's Teen Advisory Group. The team organizes SWEET (Science World Extravagant Evening for Teens) events at TELUS World of Science specifically for youth guests.

SWEET events take place every other month. They are planned, promoted and run by the Teen Advisory Group, who meet several times a month with Science World's Youth Program Specialist to come up with engaging event themes, programs, digital content and guest presenters that teens are actually interested in.


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Who’s on the TAG team?

Brilliant, curious and inspired teenagers! The current TAG team is composed of 15 students from high schools across the Lower Mainland. Many of the members have enjoyed their roles so much that they have been on the team for multiple years! However, a few of our wonderful members are heading off to post-secondary institutions next fall, so we are looking to recruit!

Why join TAG?

Science World wants to know what ignites wonder and intrigue in the youth of today! After all, you know best when it comes to engaging other like-minded students in exciting experiences with science and technology.


My experience with Teen Advisory Group (TAG) allowed me to pursue my interest and engagement with science while gaining event planning and leadership skills. It was an excellent opportunity for me to meet a lot of teens who share a passion for engaging youth through experiences with science.

I learned to effectively engage in group discussions to bring together different ideas to produce an interactive teen event. The hands-on experience like presenting and facilitating the stations was unexpected but very cool and allowed me to engage with the audience in-person. The person-to-person interaction made each TAG event more meaningful and memorable for me.

- Alex, current TAG member -


How does the TAG experience help teens develop both personally and professionally?

Through TAG, teens have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, including exceptional customer service, public speaking, graphic design, social media marketing, professional teamwork and event planning through their involvement in planning, promoting and delivering SWEET events. On event day, it's all hands on deck and each TAG member has a specific role. Whether it’s helping to direct customers, leading a program or organizing a performer, each person has the opportunity to learn, lead and bring their own unique skill sets and passions to the team.

The Teen Advisory Group is organized into teams based on the different aspects of planning and running an event. Every TAG member is on the Programming Team, which develops and runs the activities of the night. The other teams are Digital Media, who promote the events though physical and digital media, Graphics, who design in-building digital signage and promotional graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite and the Science World website, and Live Media, who write and present the introductory and concluding live shows at the events, and create playlists for the events. TAG members may be on several teams at once. Communication and collaboration between all of the teams and members is essential for a successful event.


“Going into TAG team I wanted to engage other teenagers in science, but I found it most rewarding to see high schoolers picking to go to Science World on a Friday night over other plans. Science doesn’t have to always be about studying and textbooks. I learned how fun science can be when you incorporate it as a form of entertainment.”              

- Michelle, graduating TAG member -


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