Our family just got a dog from the SPCA. Apparently, they put a microchip ID tag in her as standard procedure. I decided to find out what this was about.

Living is easy with eyes closed
"Which is the only fruit with the seeds on the outside?" I saw this question in a kids' magazine or perhaps a bubble gum wrapper, and the answer was "strawberries." What could be the biological significance of this? I wondered while munching on some at breakfast.

What could be more pleasant than waking to the sound of bird song?

Sleeping in, for one thing.

One weekend morning, my eight-year-old woke me up with, "Dad, a bird woke me up."

After a pleasant vacation in Hawaii, my return to Vancouver began with headaches, insomnia, trouble eating, and general fatigue — classic symptoms of desynchronosis, time zone change syndrome, or j