TechPong 2017


Arguably the most fun you'll have while fundraising. At TechPong, you can help raise funds for youth and STEM education and cheer on your favourite tech team in a ping-pong tournament! 

How it works: 

1. Local tech companies, register their ping-pong teams and select a STEM education organization to fundraise for. 

2. Each team tries to raise $2000 for their charity. 

3. The competition begins! 

How to get involved: 

1. Compete! Does your tech company have game? Gather your team and start raising funds for your charity . 

2. Cheer! Your $10 audience ticket includes a beer* and helps raise money for youth and STEM.

Learn More and Get Tickets

October 19

TELUS World of Science,
1455 Quebec St., Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7


*Please note that TechPong is a 19+ event.