Tides by Jan de Beer

Tides is a body of work created entirely from paint sourced through Product Care Recycling's PaintShare program.

Having immigrated to Canada in 1997, Jan de Beer has been living in British Columbia for over two decades. His artwork has been featured in several galleries across the province, including a feature exhibition at the Doris Crowston Gallery in late 2017. More recently, Jan has been creating paintings using recycled materials, including paint. Most of this work is very large – up to 8 x 4 feet.

These paintings have a tactile element as the different types of recycled paint and other mediums react with each other. Jan welcomes crackling, bubbling, and other chemical reactions when they happen, and likes to think of the work as being created within the tradition of surrealist automatism. Using recycled materials (and literal garbage) not only makes it trendy, but also challenges the notion of art objects being precious, much like Marcel Duchamp did when he presented a urinal in a gallery setting.