• Top Secret

    Top Secret

Top Secret: License to Spy

May 7–September 5, 2016

Jump into the role of a secret agent and discover the science behind high-tech espionage as you uncover facts, investigate leads and track down enemy agents.

One of these six suspects has stolen the world’s most advanced computer chip!

Julian Tremble
International Playboy and double agent

Professor Iwanda Wye
Creator of the Quantum Computer Chip

Dr Lee Li Li
Technology specialist and colleague of Dr Wye

Big Bovver
International cat burglar and con artist

Chris Nikalott
Computer hacking expert

Dr Marjorie Dawe
Professor Wye's chief rival

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Pick up your Spy File clue card at the entrance to the exhibition and gather clues and evidence on each of the suspects.  Decrypt hidden messages in the code room, listen in on conversations using phone taps and laser listening devices, even try cracking passwords and breaking in to a locked safe of evidence.

Once you have cracked the case, visit Q’s Laboratory and try to locate the hidden cameras and microphones, try disguising your face and voice and see if you can navigate your way through the treacherous Laser Maze.

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