Universal Accessibility in Wonder

Welcome to the Wonder Gallery! The exhibits in this space have been developed with the help of consultants, families with special needs and our internal staff, to ensure that the Wonder experience will be as inclusive as possible. Please take a look at our resources below, or call us at 604.443.7440, if you have any questions. 

Mobility Impairment Accessibility

Most of Wonder is accessible to visitors with wheelchairs or other mobility devices. There are just three exhibits with a reduced level of accessibility:

  • The Mess Pit area has a step (4 inches high), which may be accessible with assistance.
  • The Experiment Vehicle cab has stairs with a handrail, which may be accessible with assistance.
  • The Climber, by the nature of the activity it promotes, is less accessible. However, it includes a tunnel for children with some limited mobility and ground-floor activities for children not able to climb.

See the Wonder Mobility Map for a detailed picture of accessibility, for visitors with mobility challenges.

For general mobility access information for Science World, please see our Science World Accessibility page.

Stroller Parking

Stroller parking is available near the entrance to Wonder. Wonder is a stroller-free gallery, in order to maximize your experience and minimize obstructions. However, if your child requires a stroller for mobility purposes, please use the wheelchair entry to the right of the main gallery entrance. A staff member will be happy to assist you.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Wonder exhibits have been created for visitors up to age 5, to assist in the development of their gross and fine motor skills. Exhibits in Wonder use large, simple buttons and mechanisms. Some activities have been specifically designed to challenge and develop fine motor skills.

Vision Impairment

The exhibits in Wonder have been designed to be highly tactile experiences and accessible for children with vision impairments.

There is only one area of the gallery where vision is an important part of the interactive experience. This area is Shine—an area dedicated to light, colour and reflection. However, testing of the exhibits in Shine has shown that children with partial vision impairment can enjoy exhibits in this area.

There is Braille signage in the Wonder Gallery that indicates where the washroom and Nursing Room are located.

Hearing Impairment Accessibility

All of the exhibits in Wonder are accessible to children with hearing impairments. To best serve our young audience, exhibits have been designed to be highly visual and tactile interactive experiences.

Subtitles will be provided on videos displayed in the gallery. These videos will be aimed at adults.

Autism Accessibility

If your child would best enjoy Wonder during quieter times, we suggest visiting Wonder on weekdays between 3pm and 5pm.

The Experiment Vehicle includes button-controlled lights and sounds. These can be turned off by a staff member, if requested. Please see a staff member if this will improve your child’s gallery experience.

If you need a break in a quiet space at any time during your visit to Wonder, the Nursing Room in the gallery is a dimly lit, quieter space, with two comfortable chairs.

Sensory Storybook: With support from the Canucks Autism Network, Science World is happy to provide a Storybook for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Upon opening of Wonder, we will work towards having a dedicated page in the Storybook for the new gallery, to help children prepare for their visit to Wonder.


The Wonder Gallery has a dedicated washroom for our youngest scientists and their caregivers. It includes:

  • A children’s toilet and adult toilet with grab bars. Both toilets use manual flushing mechanisms.
  • A wheelchair accessible sink
  • A change table that is able to support up to 180kg (400lbs)
  • A manually operated sink
  • An automatic hand dryer and manually operated paper towel dispenser

Accessibility to Science World

For general information on accessibility to Science World (including parking and service animals) please visit our Accessibility page, or call 604.443.7440.

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