Vancouver International Bird Festival

Science World is pleased to partner with Vancouver International Bird Festival to present a selection of bird themed films in our Science Theatre beginning in August. For a preview of some of our feathered friends around the world, check out Conquest of the Skies and Natural Curiosities: Curious Minds, beginning June 30. Stay tuned for the full film schedule!

Conquest of the Skies

Conquest of the Skies  uses the very latest science and stunning special effects to uncover the 300-million-year story of flight—and it’s not simply about birds. Using advanced 3D filming technology, we capture the beauty and excitement of the whole world of flying creatures: from ancient pterosaurs to night-flying bats, and from acrobatic dragonflies to the hummingbirds which beat their wings more than 80 times a second.

Little Carpenters

Join cameraman Robert Christian as he travels to Wicklow on the East Coast of Ireland to film Irelands newest colonists, the Great Spotted Woodpecker. With the help of local expert Dick Coombes, who has been on their trail since their first arrival 10 years ago, learn what it takes for the next generation of Irish Woodpeckers to make it in the forests of Wicklow they now call home.

Produced, Directed, and Filmed by Robert Christian
Contributor: Dick Coombes
Running Time: 11:11

Natural Curiosities: Curious Minds

Sir David Attenborough looks at how the curious minds of orangutans and crows helped them become inventive. Orangutans are clever tool users but strangely such skills remained undiscovered for centuries. They were considered to be just clever mimics until a discovery in remote Sumatran swamps revealed their true potential. Crows are clever birds that can solve problems, and they too make surprisingly sophisticated tools.

Natural Curiosities: Spinners & Weavers

Discover the fascinating processes behind the building of webs and nests. Spiders spin intricate webs using silk, and incredibly strong material, and some birds can weave complicated nests from strips of leaves. What are the processes behind the building of these complex structures and could we adapt spider silk to benefit us? 

A Humble Bee Films production in association with UKTV.
Running Time: 25:00

Nesting with the Devil

Great Blue Herons nesting on the coast of British Columbia make a mysterious pact with "the devil," the Bald Eagle, forming an uneasy alliance for survival with their natural predator. 

A Film by Stephen Matter
Running Time: 10:00

The Great Pretender

After the loss of an important display feather, a famous Superb Lyrebird called 'The Pretender' struggles to win a mate during the most competitive song and dance competition in Australia. 

A graduate film for the UWE MA in Wildlife Filmmaking, affilitated with the BBC Natural History Unit. 
Running Time: 12:08

The MaCaw Project

This documentary presents the everyday work of biologists in the Peruvian Amazon. The Macaw Project seeks to provide an alternative solution for biodiversity conservation, a model that can help to protect highly biodiverse places in many different regions.

A Filmjungle Production.
Running Time: 26:50


Upcoming Events

Science World, Vancouver International Bird Festival and Cornell University proudly present the North American premiere of Bird of Prey, an award-winning film about the world’s largest and rarest eagle, followed by a Q&A with members of the film and research team.

Date: August 22, 2018
Time: 7:30pm (tbc)

Join Jody Allair from Bird Studies Canada for a presentation on the what, where, why and how of birdwatching.

Date: August 22, 2018
Time: 12:20pm