Natural Curiosities: Curious Minds
Sir David Attenborough looks at how the curious minds of orangutans and crows helped them become inventive.Orangutans are clever tool users but strangely such skills remained undiscovered for centuries. They were considered to be just clever mimics until a discovery in remote Sumatran swamps revealed their true potential. Crows are clever birds that can solve problems, and they too make surprisingly sophisticated tools.
  • 12pm, 3pm
25 min
A BBC Production. Hi-Def Cinema from CineMuse

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10:00amCoyote's Crazy Smart Science Show
10:30amHow the Earth Made Us: Deep Earth
11:00amReady, Jet, Go!
11:30amCoyote's Crazy Smart Science Show
12:00pmNatural Curiosities: Curious Minds
12:30pmSpace Suite III
1:00pmCoyote's Crazy Smart Science Show
1:30pmHow the Earth Made Us: Deep Earth
2:00pmReady, Jet, Go!
2:30pmCoyote's Crazy Smart Science Show
3:00pmNatural Curiosities: Curious Minds
3:30pmSpace Suite III
4:00pmCoyote's Crazy Smart Science Show
4:30pmHow the Earth Made Us: Deep Earth
5:00pm*Ready, Jet, Go!
5:30pm*Coyote's Crazy Smart Science Show

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