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If you've seen TELUS World of Science from the Skytrain or have had the chance to explore the  Ken Spencer Science Park over the last two years, you’ve probably encountered the Urban Density exhibit—affectionately nicknamed the “Lollipop Forest”. The Urban Density exhibit wasn’t a typical Science World interactive—it walked the fine line between a sustainability-themed exhibit and dramatic public art. It was designed to inspire dialogue about space becoming a scarce resource. As the human population continues to grow, the ecological and social consequences of housing density crop up.

Do you know how to make cold? In this video, we'll create an endothermic reaction (a reaction that absorbs energy rather than releasing it) on our infrared camera. Watch the materials combine as we demonstrate the "coldfront" effect. 

In grade school, almost everyone hears that only 2.5% of the world’s massive 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water is fresh, and out of that amount, 70% is locked up in the icecaps of Antarctica and Greenland, leaving 30% (a measly 0.7% of total water resources worldwide!) available for cons

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OMNIMAX® Showtimes

Until Dec 19 and Jan 6–16

11amTeacher's Choice*
12pm Hidden Universe
1pm Journey to the South Pacific
2pm Hidden Universe
3pm Santa vs. The Snowman (until Dec 19), To The Arctic (after Jan 5)
4pm Hidden Universe (Sat/Sun/Hol only)

Dec 20–Jan 4

12pm Santa vs. The Snowman
1pm Hidden Universe
2pm To The Arctic
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Note: On Dec 24 & 31 the last show of the day will be at 2pm. On Dec 26 & Jan 1 the first show will be at 1pm. We are closed on Dec 25.

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11amTeacher's Choice*
12pmIsland of Lemurs: Madagascar
1pm Hidden Universe
2pmIsland of Lemurs: Madagascar
3pm Journey to the South Pacific
4pmIsland of Lemurs: Madagascar (Sat/Sun/Hol only)

Science Theatre Showtimes

Until Dec 24

10amToon Time
10:30amDiscover Science
11:20amLive Light Show
12pmHotel Heliconia
12:35pmDeconstructing Dinner
1pmThe Human Body
1:30pmToon Time
2pmDiscover Science
2:30pmHotel Heliconia
3:05pmDeconstructing Dinner
3:30pmThe Human Body
4pmToon Time
4:30pmDiscover Science
5pmHotel Heliconia*
5:35pmDeconstructing Dinner*

Dec 27–30 and Jan 2–4

10amToon Time
10:30amHotel Heliconia
11:20amLive Light Show
12pmBody Strength
1pm Light of Mu
1:45pmDiscover Science (Short)
2pmToon Time
3:00pm Light of Mu
3:45pmDiscover Science (Short)
4pmBody Strength
4:30pmToon Time
5pmHotel Heliconia
5:35pmDiscover Science (Short)

Note: Dec 26 & 31 and Jan 1 have special schedules. Check them out here. Show schedule is subject to change without notice. *Sat/Sun/Hol only.