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T Time

In this video, Science Facilitator Jess helps us solve the tricky T Time puzzle—so named for its letter "T" shape.

Einstein Field Equations

In a Swiss patent office in 1907, Einstein had what he called, “the happiest thought of his life.” He imagined a man falling from the roof of a house and he realised that man would not feel his own weight as he fell—he would feel "weightless."

Mushroom Hunting

One of our favourite things to look out for around this time is fungi and mushrooms. Mushrooms are the fruit of a fungus and fall is their time to flourish since many plants and animals are shedding their summery leaves and homes, leaving plenty of decay for the fungi to feast on.

Cloud in a bottle
Here's another fun activity for you to try out at home or in the classroom! Can you make a cloud in a bottle? What are the clouds in the sky made up of?

Images from the Mars reconnaissance orbiter have revealed that there is flowing water on present-day Mars! Scientists at NASA used the onboard imaging spectrometer to deduce that there are hydrated salts present on the mysterious dark slope lines that they had been observing for a long time. These streaks appeared to ebb and flow over time, which tipped them off. Upon closer inspection, they saw them darken in warm seasons, and fade in cooler seasons—a lot like water would.