• Peter Brown Family Centre Stage

    Peter Brown Family Centre Stage

High energy family shows with spectacular science demonstrations.

Witness amazing live science shows with lots of audience interaction at the Peter Brown Family Centre Stage. You may even get a chance to help our scientists onstage!

Show Schedule

Shows take place every 20 minutes after the hour from 11:20am–3:20pm with a bonus show on weekends and holidays at 4:20pm. When you visit, check out the show board next to the stage for the day’s schedule.

Planning a field trip during the school year? Check out the show descriptions.

Show Themes

Live science show topics change daily and can include:


See the amazing ways that air can push as marshmallows, balloons, shaving cream, and even pop cans try to resist the pressure of the air all around us.


Explore many ways to inflate and experiment with balloons, then discover some spectacular ways to pop them. This show can get loud!


Discover the elastic properties of soap bubbles as we create bubble chains, giant bubbles and even square bubbles! Perfect for your little bubbleologists.


See what happens to balloons, rubber balls, banana peels and other materials as they become super cooled using dry ice and liquid nitrogen.


Learn the clues scientists look for when studying chemical reactions as you witness colour changes, foaming "elephant’s toothpaste" and the explosive mini-cannon finale!


Explore static charge and electric current with the lightning-spewing Tesla Coil, the electric pickle and the hair-raising Van de Graaff Generator.


Learn the three things that every fire needs to survive as you witness coloured flames, giant fireballs and the spectacular fire tornado!


Experience Grossology, the impolite science of the human body, and explore the gross things our bodies produce and the important functions they perform for us.


Discover the amazing ways you can fool your eyes and your mind in this look at bewildering illusions old and new.


Learn how objects spin, fall, flip and fly in this entertaining look at the science of motion featuring a rubber chicken slingshot and the bowling ball of doom.


Explore the science behind some of your favourite toys as we look at how things spin, stretch, and fly. See spinning tops, racing Slinkys®, and a high flying pop bottle rocket.

The Peter Brown Family Centre Stage would not be possible without the generous support of:

City of Vancouver
Peter and Joanne Brown Foundation