Launch a parachute, capture your shadow and move yourself with a giant propeller as you experiment with water, light, sound and motion among the colourful and lively exhibits in Eureka! Hands-on discovery encourages visitors to try new things and ask "What would happen if...?" Home to our spectacular water table, ball launchers and walk on piano, Eureka! is the place that brings out the curious scientist in all of us.

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In the final installment of our "Fun with Infrared Cameras" #SelfieScience series, Brian and David explore what elephant toothpaste looks like under an infrared camera. Check it out below.

#SelfieScience: Fun with Infrared Cameras Part 3

Science World Weekend Programming

Do you know how to make cold? In this video, we'll create an endothermic reaction (a reaction that absorbs energy rather than releasing it) on our infrared camera. Watch the materials combine as we demonstrate the "coldfront" effect. 

Are you curious about other wild things you can do with and infrared camera? Take a look at #SelfieScience: Fun With Infrared Cameras Part 1 and stay tuned to #SelfieScience for more installments. Better yet, come down to  Eureka! and do some of your own infrared experiements.


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Can you identify a mystery note on the Walk On Piano or lift a 200kg hippopotamus?   Try these five games based on real exhibits at TELUS World of Science.