Enhance your Science World experience and immerse yourself in the largest OMNIMAX Theatre in the world! Films are 45 minutes long unless otherwise indicated.

From the Academy Award nominated team that brought you Jimmy Neutron comes this holiday film! Meet a lonely snowman who is swept away by the magical wonders of Santa's Village, only to then wage war on Santa—jealous of all the attention Santa gets during Christmas time.

Voyage to the top of the world, where a mama polar bear and her seven-month-old cubs navigate the Arctic wilderness they call home. Director Greg MacGillivray’s captivating, adventurous and intimate footage gets you up close and personal with the polar bear family’s struggle to survive in an environment of melting ice, gigantic glaciers, spectacular waterfalls, and majestic snowy peaks.

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Teacher's Choice

Weekdays at 11am, Science World offers special films to school groups that teachers can book in advance. These are also open to the general public to view.

Check out the upcoming Teacher's Choice films:

Oct 24To The Arctic
Oct 29Hubble
Nov 4Hubble
Nov 6Beavers
Nov 13Journey to the South Pacific

*If a day is not listed above, there will be no "Teacher's Choice" film on that day. This list is usually updated on Thursdays and is subject to change without notice.