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Patrons of Science World

To be named a Patron of Science World is an honour bestowed by the members of the Society on a volunteer or former employee who has contributed in a significant way to the development of the Society. It recognizes that a community facility like Science World can only thrive if it is the recipient of the collective contributions of energy, wisdom, time, financial resources and goodwill from the leaders of the community it serves. The Patrons of Science World are examples of this leadership.

Alex Klopfer Dr Gerhard Herzberg
John Murphy Rudolph North
Anne Sutherland Dr Harold Copp (deceased)
John Pitts (deceased) Stewart Ladyman
Anthony Barke Dr John Polanyi Kevin O’Neill Stuart Culbertson
Bill Bullis Dr John Wormsbecker (deceased) Larry Bell Trudi Coblenz
Bob Wiens
Dr Ken Spencer Lucille Pacey Victoria Withers
Brian Canfield Dr Lorne Whitehead Lynn Patterson 
Bruce Drake Dr Maria Klawe Michael Francis 
Caroline Jellinck Dr Ron Marteniuk Michael Lee 
Chris Kelly Dr Sid Katz Milton Wong (deceased) 
Danny Gaw Drinda Scott Morgan Sturdy 
David Ingram Eileen Stewart Munro MacKenzie (deceased) 
Don Graham Eric Kong Nairn (Buz) Knott 
Don Risk Fei Wong Nurjehan Mawani 
Don Young Gary Rasmussen Peggie Terry 
Donna O'Neill George Battye Peter Lige 
Dr Alan Pelman Hon David C. Lam (deceased) Robert A. Dickinson 
Dr Andrew Wright Hon Robert G. Rogers Robert Carlisle 
Dr Colin Jones Jane Hungerford Ron Stern 
Dr Elmer Froese Jeff Devins Ron Woznow 
Dr Erich Vogt John Fraser Ross Mitchell