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Need to bring science to life for budding, young minds?

Science World has supported fun and engaging science education since 1989 with award-winning programming for BC teachers, parents and students. 

Here's your mental workout for the day: The Stroop Test

Discover over 300 free printable activities tested by students, teachers, and parents. These interactive demos, inquiry-based explorations, and fun hands-on activities use easy-to-find materials.

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rubber bones

Our current feature exhibition, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, has inspired us to feature this online resource: how to make rubber bones. By doing the activity, you'll discover that, without calcium, bones become floppy.

Go deeper by inviting a scientist into your classroom. Scientists and Innovators in the Schools is a free program that inspires students with exciting in-school presentations by volunteer scientists. For Grades K–12 everywhere in BC! 

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Plan your field trip to TELUS World of Science. We offer a variety of curriculum-connected lab workshops, gallery experiences and films to meet the needs of you and your students.

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Family Science Nights

Not just another boring pizza! Take the Science World approach to family evenings at home with Blood Juice, Cartesian Divers, Jelly Eyeballs, and a whole lot of fun, hands-on learning.

These packages include great movie suggestions, tasty recipes, fun activities and shopping lists to make your family science night a success.

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The Human Body
Under The Sea
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