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    Art Displays

Science parallels art as a subject matter and a source of inspiration.

Here at Science World, we are proud to work with local artists who are interested in and inspired by science. Our art displays showcase different works of art within our false creek facility. Recent displays have included art work by Peter Holmes, Sharon Kallis, Michael Hall, Chris Waind and a group of art students from Emily Carr University. We also host an annual display of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest winners.

Currently On Display


Science World

Proximity (by artist Michael JP Hall) is a series of rescued, post-industrial lightboxes depicting double-exposure images of human faces over natural environments. Each lightbox was rescued from a Vancouver salvage yard, cleaned, sanded, repaired and retro-fitted with low-wattage LED light fixtures. The boxes create dynamic and vibrant images that magically transform spaces at night.

Exhibition runs until August 8, 2016.

Entanglement: A Vision of Our World with Plastic


Human life has become entangled with plastic. It's almost impossible to imagine our lives without it. The material makes our tasks easier, allows us to be faster and lighter, and as a result, we consume it in monumental quantities. What if the production of plastic is no longer possible or economical? What if the materials we discard today become our most valuable resource? What if we are already dressed in, sheltered by and relying on plastic for sustenance, safety and survival?

Entanglement (by artist Michael JP Hall) is a series of six large-format photographs that portrays a vision of our interdependent relationship with plastics. It presents a powerful, proud and vulnerable people, a unified culture responding collectively to the challenges of waste with resilience, patience and strength.

Exhibition runs until July 8, 2016.

Artist Contact

If you are an artist interested in displaying your science-inspired artwork at TELUS World of Science, please contact us: