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    Art Displays

Science parallels art as a subject matter and a source of inspiration.

Here at Science World, we are proud to work with local artists who are interested in and inspired by science. Our art displays showcase different works of art within our false creek facility. Recent displays have included art work by Peter Holmes, Sharon Kallis, Michael Hall, Chris Waind and a group of art students from Emily Carr University. We also host an annual display of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest winners.

Currently On Display

Origami Whales by Joseph Wu

Origami whales

Be inspired and amazed by these handcrafted creatures, created by origami artist Joseph Wu. Representing the real and the fantastic, these delicate whale sculptures will spark your imagination and appreciation for the ancient art of origami. We're presenting this exhibition in celebration of our new OMNIMAX film, Humpback Whales.

Opens Saturday, October 3
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Microbes Art Us

Microbes Art Us

September 21, 2015–January 10, 2016

This exhibition is an extension of the art show entitled "Cave Microorganisms and Drug Discovery: A Collaboration Between TRU Microbiology Researchers and Artists" that was exhibited at the Kamloops Art Gallery and the TRU Art Gallery in 2014. This exhibition aims to engage the public in the excitement of the exploration of cave microorganisms, their identification and potential for new drug development, while developing new perspectives in the popular and scientific view of microorganisms through art.

Dr Cheeptham’s microbiology research team has produced a number of strikingly beautiful scanning electron micrographs of cave microorganisms. These images were used by TRU students, faculty and participating artists to inspire art work that promotes a better understanding of the potential role of these and other bacteria in our life and in treating diseases. Moreover, this project contributes pedagogically to enhancing student engagement and learning innovation.

Currently, Dr Cheeptham’s laboratory has continuously been collaborating with a number of Canadian cavers mainly through the BC Speleological Federation to obtain more cave environmental samples for further studies.

Meet the artists

Meet the Artist: Microbes Art Us

Microbes Art Us

Join us for another Meet the Artist reception. Meet some of the inspired artists who worked on our latest art exhibition, Microbes Art Us, and talk to some of the cavers who collect the specimens that supplement Dr Naowarat Cheeptham's research.

Wednesday, October 14

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Artist Contact

If you are an artist interested in displaying your science-inspired artwork at TELUS World of Science, please contact us: