• Art Displays

    Art Displays

Science parallels art as a subject matter and a source of inspiration.

Here at Science World, we are proud to work with local artists who are interested in and inspired by science. Our art displays showcase different works of art within our false creek facility. Recent displays have included art work by Peter Holmes, Sharon Kallis, Michael Hall, Chris Waind and a group of art students from Emily Carr University. We also host an annual display of the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest winners.

Currently On Display

Science Collides

What happens when scientists and artists collide and collaborate? Do the languages of science and art overlap, or do they communicate the same concept in a very different way? Find out with this art exhibition, Science Collides. These works began when artists spent a weekend at Science World at TELUS World of Science hanging out with some scientists at our monthly Meet a Scientist weekend.

Exhibition ends Sunday, October 9

Collaboration: Microbiology and Fine Art Stone Lithography

Artist Tim Kelly was looking for ideas for a project that would use his newly acquired lithography skills. Microbiologist Mike Kelly gave Tim some microscopic fungal images and he was off and running. The result of the collaboration is a collection of stone lithographs that are recognizable to a microbiologist as having a fungal motif, but they are sufficiently stylized that they cannot be identified as any particular species of fungus: the essence of science seen through an artist’s eyes. Although the project started as a father/son collaboration, it became Tim’s project. This show is to honor Tim’s memory and provide a public forum to display his work for the first time.

Open July 15–October 7, 2016

Artist Contact

If you are an artist interested in displaying your science-inspired artwork at TELUS World of Science, please contact us:

604.443.7553  |  info@scienceworld.ca