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Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 10:31am

Why Join The March For Science?

This Earth Day, April 22, Science World will participate in March for Science Vancouver. Why? Because, science!

What it is:

The March for Science in Vancouver is one of 300 marches taking place across the globe on Earth Day. The march will bring together scientists, science enthusiasts, and indeed anyone who is passionate about the role that science plays in society.

What it isn’t:

First and foremost, the March for Science is not about politics. This event is about supporting science and acknowledging the value of science to our society.

Why Science World will march:

Our mission is to engage British Columbians in science and to inspire future science and technology leadership throughout our province.

Never before has there been a more critical time for Science World to deepen its role in education and science literacy. As an organization, we know that we must tackle pressing topics at the intersection of science and society in order to raise awareness, foster understanding, and tackle misinformation.

Who is invited:

You are! You do not have to be a scientist to join the March for Science. The March for Science is about scientists, science enthusiasts, concerned citizens and anybody who acknowledges the part that science plays in their lives.

As a valued supporter of Science World, we wanted to share our plans are for Earth Day and the March for Science with you. If you are interested in joining us for this celebration of science, we’d love to see you.

How to join us: 

The March will commence at Queen Elizabeth Theatre at 10am, April 22. It will culminate approximately one hour later at Science World, where a number of speakers—including our President & CEO, Dr. Scott Sampson—will share their thoughts on the role of science at this critical juncture in history. In celebration of Earth Day, the Ken Spencer Science Park at Science World will be open to the public, free of charge.

To register your attendance or for more information, visit the March for Science Vancouver Facebook page. Or sign up for their email list.

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Supporting science should be

Supporting science should be nonpartisan. However, this event, "March for Science" is an undeniably pro-Democrat anti-Republican event. Even if you agree with that position, you can't deny that it is partisan. Science World claims to be nonpartisan. Therefore, in order for Science World to maintain its status as nonpartisan, Science World should not have officially endorsed this specific partisan event.

Science World is

Science World is participating in the March for Science because it is a celebration of science. While the March for Science may have political implications in some countries, as a Canadian Institution, we are participating in a Canadian March, which is focused on connecting with the global community of scientists and science enthusiasts.

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