Science World plays a critical role in supporting schools, parents and other education partners by providing resources and programs, and nurturing partnerships that model the implementation of newly revised curricula and other aspects of the exciting changes in our education system. In doing so, Science World will help to lead the transformation of teaching and learning in our province. 

Discover the following opportunities available in your community:

Science World's environmental storytelling contest turns 10! Join hundreds of BC schools and share your green team's achievements.
These Big Science for Little Hands activities were designed for early childhood educators working with children ages 3-5 to promote opportunities for hands on science exploration. Through workshops, teachers learn to experience the concepts and key questions that are vital for the science delivery in the classroom or centre.
Science World’s professional development workshops embrace an approach to teaching and learning that reflects the new curriculum’s focus on place-based, inquiry learning.
Coming to a town near you! Community Science Celebrations include the entire community in locally-relevant science and culture.
Turn your teen’s love of science into a career. The Future Science Leaders program empowers BC’s most inquisitive youth to pursue, achieve and excel in their STEAM aspirations.
Our Library Kits are all about encouraging learning and leadership through play in schools, libraries and homes across BC.
Science World On The Road visits over 30,000 students each year outside the Lower Mainland. Our high energy, curriculum linked presentations provide an unforgettable science experience for your students.

Opening the Door is a unique networking event for students in Grades 10–12 across BC who are interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. This is a valuable opportunity for students to meet with professional scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians who work in a variety of fields.

Science World has supported fun and engaging science education since 1989 with award-winning programming for BC teachers, parents and students. These activities and units are free to download for use at home and in the classroom and are tested and approved by our Super Science Club.

Scientists and Innovators in Schools is a volunteer-based program that inspires students with exciting, in-school presentations by real scientists, innovators and technology professionals. The program is offered to Grades K–12 everywhere in BC.
The Super Science Club after-school program provides science and technology activities to underserved students in grades 1–7. Science World's goal is to inspire at-risk children to develop a long-term interest in science and technology. The program now reaches twelve schools.

Community Consultations

Between October 2014 and June 2015, Science World directly engaged over 500 teachers and other BC education stakeholders to assess needs, gaps and opportunities for effective science education in our province.

We learned that Science World is widely regarded to have a strong role supporting educators, parents and students in a variety of different ways. In response to this feedback we have developed a comprehensive outreach strategy with a focus on inquiry and place-based learning opportunities.