Big Science for Little Hands

Professional Development Workshops

Big Science for Little Hands is Science World’s professional-development workshop series for Early Childhood Educators. We provide two-hour workshops where participants try out a variety of fun, hands-on science activities suitable for children aged 3-5. We also spend time with the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art & design, and math) concepts behind each activity and discussing ways to encourage scientific literacy in young children.

There are six workshops to choose from. Each one introduces two of our Big Science for Little Hands themes and includes small and large-group activities that can be adapted to any childcare setting.


Amazing Me/Super Sleuths

Explore how amazing the human body is, through a variety of hands-on — and toes-on — activities; discover how doing science is like being a detective.

Bubble & Fizz/Mysterious Mixtures

Conduct experiments with a variety of everyday kitchen ingredients, exploring concepts such as dissolving, mixtures, and separating, and how they are connected to chemistry.

Gadgets & Contraptions/The Air up There

Explore a variety of simple machines and how they work to make life easier; investigate things that fly and float and how they are connected to properties of air.

Rockin' Rocks/Salt & Fresh Water

Investigate the properties of rocks and salt and fresh water and how they are connected to the natural world!

Sticky Stuff/Wet & Dry

Why is glue sticky, and what happens when it dries? How is Velcro connected to nature? What do we mean by wet and dry? Investigate these questions with lots of hands-on activities.

Structures/Balance This

Lots of science takes place when building with blocks, but in this workshop, we use non- traditional building materials to explore gravity, structure, balance, and stability.

Workshop Fees

FeeWithin 100kmBeyond 100kmFerry or Flight
2-hour workshop $200+$50$100$175

All prices include GST. Min. 8 participants, max. 32

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Thematic Activities

These free activities are meant to serve as a starting point for early-childhood scientific exploration. There are currently eighteen themed resources available for download from our website:

The Air Up There: Activities to explore wind and air.
The Air Up There II*: Explore floating and flying through the air, and never forget it's there.
Amazing Me: Discover the amazing things your body can do, both inside and out.
Balance This*: Practice your own acrobatics and build mini acrobats.
Bubble & Fizz*: Explore how bubbles are formed (and popped!).  
Gadgets and Contraptions: Explore simple machines and how they work.
Mysterious Mixtures: Dissolving, separating, mixing and combining.
Reflections and ShadowsActivities to explore light, mirrors, reflection and shadows.
Rockin' Rocks*: Dig for fossils, or create your own.
Round The Circle: Circles and wheels, rolling and spinning.
Salt & Fresh Water*: Explore how salt affects water and observe the details of creatures that live in oceans.
Size Matters: Explore growing and shrinking.
Sticky StuffVelcro, glue and other sticky things.
Structures*: Explore what materials and designs are best for building.
Super SleuthsPractice science process skills such as observing, comparing and contrasting and using tools like magnifiers.
Super Slueths II*: Use your senses in unsual ways.
Trees & Plants*: Activities to explore what plants are.
Wet & Dry: Wet and dry bags, sponges and sand castles.

*Produced in collaboration with the Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society

More Resources

Looking for more science ideas? Check out our favourite science websites.

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