Board of Directors, Friends & Patrons


Chair: Launi Skinner
Vice Chair: Cheryl Slusarchuk
Past Chair: Walter Segsworth
Secretary: Dr Boris Wertz
Treasurer: Ivor Luk


Boris Wertz, Dr

Founder & General Partner, Version One Ventures
Secretary, Board of Directors,Science World British Columbia

Boris Wertz

Boris Wertz is one of the top tech early-stage investors in North America and the founding partner of Version One.  He is also a board partner with Andreessen Horowitz.

Before becoming an investor, Boris was the Chief Operating Officer of which sold to Amazon in 2008. He was responsible for marketing, business development, product, customer service and international operations – leading a team of 60 people. This deep operational experience helps him guide other entrepreneurs to start, build and scale companies.

Boris finished his PhD at the Graduate School of Management (WHU), Koblenz, majoring in Business Economics & Business Management. In 2005, he was named the Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Boris is passionate about science, technology, and entrepreneurship and sits on the boards of Science World and Canada Learning Code. He is also involved as a mentor with the Creative Destruction Lab in Toronto and Vancouver.

Friends of Science World

To be named a Friend of Science World is an honour bestowed on an individual who personifies the goal and aspirations of the Science World Society. The recipient is characterized by a love of science, a dedication to community service and a commitment to the evolution of British Columbia as an international centre of science and technology. Either through their activities on behalf of the Society and/or by the example they provide by their life’s achievements, the Friend has contributed significantly to the development of a science culture in our province. Our Friends are:

2018: Bryan Tisdall

2017: Trudi Coblenz

2014: Gordon Campbell

2010: Dr Ken Spencer

2009: Stan Hagen

2006: Dr John Pitts

1994: Dr Michael Smith

1992: Haig de B. Farris

1991: Barbara Brink

1990: Dr Cecil H. Green

Patrons of Science World

To be named a Patron of Science World is an honour bestowed by the members of the Science World Society. These volunteers or former employees have contributed in a significant way to the development of the Society. Science World thrives because it receives the collective energy, wisdom, time, financial resources and goodwill from leaders in the community we serve. Science World gratefully acknowledges the following leaders:

2018: Andrew Harries

2018: Nicole Geyer

2017: Bruce McLeod

2017: John Cairns

2015: Dr Robin Louis

2015: Dr Lindsay Machan

2015: Peter J O'Callaghan

2015: Jim Pickles

2015: Rich Simons

2014: Dr Bruce Beairsto

2014: Paul Geyer

2012: Donna O'Neill

2012: Dr Andrew Wright

2011: Bruce Drake

2011: Stewart Ladyman

2011: Morgan Sturdy

2011: Peggie Terry

2010: Ross Mitchell

2010: Garry Rasmussen

2009: Trudi Coblenz

2009: Caroline Jellinck

2009: Michael Lee

2009: Munro MacKenzie

2009: John Murphy

2009: Dr Ken Spencer

2008: Jeff Devins

2008: Bob Weins

2007: Eileen Stewart

2006: Bill Bullis

2006: Don Young

2005: Stuart Culbertson

2005: Chris Kelly

2005: Dr Ron Marteniuk

2005: Anne Sutherland

2004: Eric Kong

2004: Victoria Withers

2003: Dr Lorne Whitehead

2001: Dr Alan Pelman

2000: Drinda Scott

1999: Dr Sid Katz

1999: Peter Lige

1999: Fei Wong

1998: George Battye

1998: Kevin O'Neill

1997: Anthony Barke

1997: Brian Canfield

1997: Robert Carlisle

1997: Robert A Dickinson

1997: Danny Gaw

1997: Dr Colin Jones

1997: Dr Maria Klawe

1996: Dr Elmer Froese

1996: Nairn (Buz) Knott

1996: Ron Woznow

1995: Michael Francis

1995: David Ingram

1995: Lucille Pacey

1993: Larry Bell

1993: John Fraser

1993: Jane Hungerford

1993: Alex Klopfer

1993: Nurjehan Mawani

1993: Rudolph North

1993: Lynn Patterson

1993: Don Risk

1993: Ron Stern

1993: Milton Wong

1993: Dr John Wormsbecker

1992: Dr Harold Copp

1992: Don Graham

1992: John Pitts

1991: Dr Erich Vogt

1988: Hon. David C Lam

1987: Dr Gerhard Herzberg

1987: Dr John Polyani

1987: Hon. Robert G. Rogers