Big Science for Little Hands

These Big Science for Little Hands activities were designed for early childhood educators working with children ages 3-5 to promote opportunities for hands on science exploration. Through workshops, teachers learn to experience the concepts and key questions that are vital for the science delivery in the classroom or centre. These teachers take these activities back to the centre for young children which serves as starting point and inspiration for scientific exploration.  Each theme includes small and large group activities which can be adapted to any environment.

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Second Edition 
First Edition
Trees & Plants: Activities to explore what plants are.
Bubble & Fizz: Explore how bubbles are formed (and popped!).
Senses - Super Slueths: Use your senses in unsual ways.
Rockin' Rocks: Dig for fossils, or create your own.
Structures: Explore what materials and designs are best for building.
Salt & Fresh Water: Explore how salt affects water and observe the details of creatures that live in oceans.
Balance This: Practice your own acrobatics and build mini acrobats. 
The Air Up There: Explore floating and flying through the air, and never forget it's there.

BSLH II produced in collaboration with Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society

Gadgets and Contraptions: Explore simple machines and how they work.
The Air Up There: Activities to explore wind and air.
Reflections and ShadowsActivities to explore light, mirrors, reflection and shadows.
Amazing Me: Discover the amazing things your body can do, both inside and out.
Super SleuthsPractice science process skills such as observing, comparing and contrasting and using tools like magnifiers.
Round The Circle: Circles and wheels, rolling and spinning.
Wet & Dry: Wet and dry bags, sponges and sand castles.
Sticky StuffVelcro, glue and other sticky things.
Size Matters: Explore growing and shrinking.
Mysterious Mixtures: Dissolving, separating, mixing and combining.

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