Big Science for Little Hands at Home

These free activities are complementary “at home” versions of our popular Big Science for Little Hands activity packages. The “at home” activities require few, easy-to-find materials and are ideal for caregivers and preschool-age children to explore science together.

Gadgets and Contraptions
Explore simple machines and how they work.

The Air Up There
Activities to explore wind and air.

Reflections and Shadows
Activities to explore light, mirrors, reflection and shadows.

Amazing Me
Discover the amazing things your body can do, both inside and out.

Super Sleuths
Practice science process skills such as observing, comparing and contrasting and using tools like magnifiers.

Round The Circle
Circles and wheels, rolling and spinning.

Wonderful Winter
Footprints outside and snowstorms inside.

Learning about Air and Weather
Activities about clouds and wind.

Literacy and STEAM
Combine reading with science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Wet & Dry
Wet and dry bags, sponges and sand castles.

Sticky Stuff
Velcro, glue and other sticky things.

Size Matters
Explore growing and shrinking.

Mysterious Mixtures
Dissolving, separating, mixing and combining.

Splashy Science
Floating, sinking and other fun activities with liquids.

Spring Science
Tiny creatures and tiny plants.

Bathtub Science
Fun with water and floating objects.

Going Green
Fun sustainability projects.

International Mud Day
Celebrate the connection between children and nature.

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