Big Science for Little Hands at Home

Young children naturally build knowledge by being curious about the world around them.

When you do science with your children, you can share their sense of wonder about the natural world. These free activities are meant to serve as a starting point for early-childhood scientific exploration. Here are several that are available to download and easy to do at home!

Air Up There: Explore how air moves, what is feels like and make a windsock.
Amazing Me: Take a closer look at your face and explore how terrific our toes are!
Gadgets and Contraptions: Investigate everyday kitchen gadgets and make a catapult to try out a simple machine.
Mysterious Mixtures: Try out some simple science experiments using cornstarch and other kitchen ingredients.
Reflections and Shadows: Explore what is shadow is and make a shadow puppet to explore light.
Round the Circle: Use marble and paint to explore circles and investigate things that roll, slide and stick!
Size Matters: There’s lots of cool chemistry in cooking. Make a pizza and pop some corn to investigate why things grow.
Sticky Stuff: Gather some glue, food colouring, string and an ice cube tray and investigate why thing stick!
Super Sleuths: Detectives are like scientists. Explore fingerprints, footprints and more!
Wet and Dry: What makes things wet and dry? Gather some sponges, wax crayons and paint and find out.