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Girls and STEAM

Calling all girls ages 11–13! If you love all things science, technology, engineering, art and design, and math (STEAM), then the Girls and STEAM event at TELUS World of Science is for you.

Join us on Saturday, November 2, 2019, for a day of unique workshops, amazing keynote speakers and opportunities to connect with inspiring mentors from the STEAM community.

Registration for Girls and STEAM 2019 is full.


7:45amRegistration and Breakfast
9:00amSymposium Opening in the OMNIMAX® Theatre
10:30amWorkshop Session
11:45amWorkshop Session
1:15pmMove to next session
1:30pmWorkshop Session
2:30pmSymposium Closing in the OMNIMAX® Theatre
3:15pmParent Pick-Up

The Girls and STEAM Symposium will feature multiple workshops hosted by our esteemed sponsor organizations and some fantastic community partners. Each workshop highlights how STEAM can be applied to our daily lives, especially in relation to how we associate with natural and urbanized environments.

During registration, each participant is asked to choose their favorite workshop from the workshops below.

Workshops to select from:

Science Communication: Explore how graphic design, scientific research, and communication work together drive to change. Using real scientific information, work with others to produce an exhibit component that engages and informs! Presented by the VANCOUVER AQUARIUM

Build a Computer with Geek Squad: Using basic computer parts (Raspberry pi, sound sensor, power board, etc.), participants will build a working computer with their own two hands! Presented by BEST BUY

Inside an Earthworm: In this workshop students dissect out the seminal vesicles of an Earthworm. Then, using a compound microscope, they hunt for a ubiquitous parasite called a monocyst. Presented by SCIENCE IN ACTION SFU

Biomedical Engineering: 3D printing and modelling is a process with important applications in many fields. Using TinkerCAD, print your own custom design as you learn the important factors of printing intricate designs, such as organs, bones and laboratory equipment models. Presented by UBC SCHOOL OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING

Infectious Disease Detectives: Working in groups, visit four interactive stations to find clues to identify the disease agent, a cure for the disease, and a strategy to minimize future outbreaks! Includes patient interviews, DNA fingerprinting, measuring effects of medicine, and strategies to prevent and protect! Presented by GENOME BC & UBC CENTRE FOR BLOOD RESEARCH

Self-driving Cars: Challenge or opportunity? With Nintendo Labo kits, girls will build and control a cardboard car, explore its self-driving capabilities, and build an understanding of how self-driving cars work. Create obstacles in order to see how your car performs! Presented by GEERING UP UBC

Neuroscience and Robots: How does our brain tell us to move and how might we program robots to move in a similar way? These hands-on activities will help you discover the science behind movement and allow you to interact with LEGO robots. Presented by DOUGLAS COLLEGE – FACULTY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

Sound-Portraits: In this creative, arts + tech workshop instructed by artist Alanna Ho, students will be inspired to create a Sound-Portrait that can be shared with family and friends. We approach the physics of sound through the humanities, collecting and sorting objective and subjective data and then imbuing it with creativity and meaning. Presented by NEW MEDIA GALLERY

The Quirks of Quarks: This workshop is all about the smallest particles in the universe. Participants will learn how quarks and leptons combine to make matter via hands-on activities and puzzles. Presented by GIRLS EXPLORING PHYSICS SFU

Physical Computing Light Displays: Through the practical combination of exploring hardware and software, discover how to program an Arduino micro-controller so you can use buttons and sensors to control NeoPixel LED light strips and make interactive light displays. Involves computer science, electrical engineering, and lots of collaboration! Absolutely no prior experience in computing or electronics is needed. Presented by SYSTEMS, APPLICATIONS, AND PRODUCTS IN DATA PROCESSING (SAP)

Ms. Infinity’s Forensic Science: Reviewing various components of a crime scene investigation, participants figuratively wear the lab coats of forensic scientists and learn about topics such as manner and cause of death, trace evidence, and post-mortem interval. Hands-on with live insects, participants explore forensic entomology and the importance of an insect lifecycle in crime scene investigation. Presented by the SOCIETY FOR CANADIAN WOMEN IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (SCWIST)

Mining Done Right: Combining multi-discipline technical knowledge with leading engineering design results in tailings dams that are resilient and protect people, communities and the environment. Participants will be introduced to the life cycle of a mine tailings dam using hands-on activities such as dam building, dam integrity monitoring, 3D slope scanning, and AR visualization using the HoloLens! Presented by BGC ENGINEERING INC. (BGC)

In addition to participating in hands-on workshops, each attendee will also participate in a mentorship café. This session is held in collaboration with Open Science Network, a STEAM community partner. At the mentorship café, girls will have the opportunity to personally speak and learn from female professionals in a wide range of STEAM careers.

Bethany Downer
Opening Keynote Speaker

Bethany Downer was born and raised in St. John's, Newfoundland and currently works around the world in the domain of outreach and communications for space. She received her Bachelor of Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland before acquiring her Masters of Space Studies from the International Space University in France. She currently manages the outreach of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope for the European Space Agency and is the communications coordinator for the Space Generation Advisory Council for the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. Bethany is also the first scientist-astronaut candidate from Atlantic Canada as part of the first and only crewed suborbital research program that studies the upper mesosphere through polar suborbital research. Bethany is a strong advocate and public figure from women in STEAM and aims to encourage young women to pursue their respective goals and passions. At 25 years old, she is the youngest-ever recipient of Memorial University's Horizon Alumni award, which she received in 2018, and has twice been named one of Canada's top 30 Under 30.

Laydy Jams
Closing Act

Laydy Jams is a duo of two women of colour, based in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish territories. Featuring Missy D as femcee and Sejal on violin and vocals, our music is a mix of hip-hop, vocal harmonies, violin, and a lil 90s throwback to bring you home, hope, and love for the revolution. We use our music to empower youth, and challenge the themes often seen in popular music and society. Laydy Jams' music and message is impacted by our diverse cultural backgrounds, with influences hailing from around the world. We write our life experiences into music, knowing that we provide a kind of comfort, familiarity, and radical joy for other people of colour and marginalized communities. We bring the sound of our lives to audiences through roots of R&B, hip-hop, soul, classical, jazz, and funk.  
Take a listen. Join our family. 

Will the girls be chaperoned?

All symposium participants will be divided into groups of 25 girls, based on the workshop that each girl has selected. Each group will have 2 chaperones.

What should they bring?

To reduce plastic waste, we ask that each participant bring a refillable water bottle to use throughout the day. Each girl will receive a lanyard with their name and group colour, an event T-shirt and a cinch sack with nut-free snacks. They will also be provided with a continental breakfast and a lunch. There will be an area for jackets and bags; however, we strongly encourage the girls to leave any valuables at home. There will be no coat check.

How does check-in and pickup work?

Check-in is between 7:45am and 8:15am. Please park in the Science World public lot. Parking will be free until 9am. Please enter through the main doors of Science World. Check-in will be by last name. Parents must accompany and sign in their daughters.

In order to make the pickup process as easy as possible, parents will be asked to proceed to the OMNIMAX® theatre to meet their daughters. You will be receiving an email with a summary of the day’s events, as well as check-in and pickup instructions. We will provide detailed maps at the time of check-in that will identify the pickup location. Please note parking is very limited and will not be free at this time.

Should you wish for your child to sign themselves out at the end of the event, a signed permission form must be completed at the time of check-in.

Do I need to pack a lunch?

No. A pizza lunch will be provided. The day will begin with a light continental breakfast. Girls will be provided with nut-free snacks during the day. Unfortunately, we cannot provide dietary alternatives. In these cases, please bring your own lunch. There will not be time to buy a lunch.

What will the girls be doing?

The girls will have a fun-filled day of hands-on STEAM activities, along with inspiring keynote addresses from accomplished women in STEAM. For a more detailed look at the day, visit the Symposium schedule

If I have any questions, who should I contact?

For general event information, please visit the Girls and STEAM webpage or call 604.443.7532.


Come check out some cool science happening right here in your community with our STEAM community partners!

The Girls and STEAM Community Showcase is open to the public and will feature eye-popping science shows, table-top demonstrations and opportunities to connect with role models and mentors to explore science careers and the cool science happening right here in our community. 

The Community Showcase is open to the public from 10am–6pm. 

UBC Let’s Talk ScienceLearn about the physical and biological concepts related to health sciences, technology, and engineering.
Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology (SCWIST)Get to know about the foundation of computers – binary code.
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)Take part in an interactive display that showcases BCIT’s different schools related to STEAM.
Science Fair Foundation of BCParticipate in inquiry activities that teach you about substance change, reaction, and absorption.
Genome BCGet an understanding of how the DNA code unites and defines us.
SFU – Faculty of ScienceLearn about how climate change is one of the biggest challenges to humanity today.
Engineers and Geoscientists BCGet to know how engineers work as problem solvers.
UBC School of Biomedical EngineeringGet excited about how robotics can improve an amputees’ quality of life.
Odyssey of the Mind (CPSS)Understand the basics of structural principles and engineering.
UBC Centre for Blood ResearchBuild your knowledge on blood and how it’s used in many areas of medicine.
Under the GUI (UTG) AcademyImmerse yourself in Virtual Reality technology that allows you to experience outer space exploration.
SFU AerospaceGet to know what it’s like to design and control Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).
500 Women ScientistsBuild your knowledge on the importance of vaccines and getting vaccinated.
Science WorldLearn about the many programs available for teens at Science World.
Women in Consulting Engineering (WCE)See how buildings are designed to withstand forces like earthquakes.
Glotman Simpson Consulting EngineersGet to know how structural engineering requires creativity and critical thinking.
Skybox LabsInteract with stations that show the behind-the-scenes aspect of how a video game is created.
DNEGExplore the tools and tasks a professional FX artist encounters in their career.
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC)Learn about the aerodynamic principles associated with lift.
Advancing Women in Engineering and TechnologyExperience how robotics is essential in new and emerging STEAM occupations.
Best BuyBuild fun and easy electrical circuits with playdough, lights, and batteries.
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)TBA