Puzzles and Illusions

Bend Your Mind and Challenge Your Brain

Nothing is as it seems in our illusions area. Is the line straight or curved? Is the picture black-and-white or coloured? It’s up to you to decide! Over at the puzzle tables, you can test your smarts and skills by tackling dozens of fun, challenging puzzles and games––complete with written hints that can be almost as tricky. From untangling metal loops to getting a toy “climber” to the top of a mountain by picking exactly the right pegs, you’ll give your brain an exhilarating workout.

Don’t leave without trying your hand––and maybe outplaying your friend?––at the infamous “T Time” puzzle, where you try to make a capital letter T out of four shapes. It’s harder than it looks!

Are you a teacher or a parent? Try some illusions science in the classroom or at home with our Teacher and Parent Resources.