Ken Spencer Science Park

The Ken Spencer Science Park is now closed. It will reopen in early March.

Immerse Yourself in the Living World

Learning about your sustainability choices is so much more meaningful when you are surrounded by the life you want to sustain!

Brush your hand over the rosemary in the Sensory Bed to release the herb’s beautiful fragrance. Observe how familiar plants like celery and corn have changed over time in the Origins bed. Visit our contented hens, as they cluck and scratch in their coops. A renewed sense of connection to the natural world awaits in the Ken Spencer Science Park. Don’t miss out!

The Ken Spencer Science Park would not be possible without the generous support of:

BC Hydro
Government of Canada
Province of British Columbia
Dr Ken Spencer
Western Economic Diversification Canada

RBC Blue Water
Westport Innovations
Tire Stewardship BC
Parks Canada