OMNIMAX® Theatre

Enhance your Science World experience with an immersive film on the largest OMNIMAX dome screen in the world! At an incredible 5 storeys high and 27 metres in diameter, the theatre boasts a sensational wrap-around digital sound system to put you right in the middle of the action.

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OMNIMAX® Show Times

September 14–30*


11am: Superpower Dogs

12:15pm: Into Nature’s Wild

1:30pm: Apollo 11: First Steps Edition

2:45pm: Into Nature’s Wild

4pm: Great Bear Rainforest

*Please note that Science World is closed Monday–Wednesday.

Science Theatre

Check out a show in our Science Theatre and take a break from all the exhibits for a bit. In this electronic projection theatre, you can pop in and watch educational live and taped shows on a variety of topics, often related to our feature exhibitions. And the best part? Science Theatre shows are free with your Science World general admission.

Playing in the Science Theatre

Science Theatre Show Times

From September 9*


10am: Rise of the Skyscraper

10:30am: Rise of the Skyscraper

11:15am: Live Electricity Show

11:30am: Live Electricity Show

11:45pm: Live Electricity Show

12pm: Rise of the Skyscraper

12:30pm: Rise of the Skyscraper

1:25pm–1:55pm: Closed for cleaning

2pm: Rise of the Skyscraper

2:30pm: Rise of the Skyscraper

3:15pm: Live Electricity Show

3:30pm: Live Electricity Show

3:45pm: Live Electricity Show

4pm: Rise of the Skyscraper

4:30pm: Rise of the Skyscraper

*Please note that Science World is closed Monday–Wednesday.