Research at Science World

Science World is proud to give our visitors the opportunity to participate in real-life research and connect with local scientists.

In addition to partnering with UBC researchers from the Department of Psychology in our Living Lab, Science World occasionally hosts other visiting researchers who carry out research studies onsite.

If you are interested in conducting a research project at Science World, please fill out the form below.

In preparing your proposal, please take into account these special considerations for research at Science World:

  • Please ensure that research stimuli and instructions/questions are not disruptive or upsetting to children, parents, museum staff/volunteers, or other non-participant visitors at the museum. Please have a procedure in place for tracking visitor experience.
  • Parents/caregivers should be able to observe the entire interaction between children and researchers.
  • All visitors should be allowed to learn about the study, although data can be collected only from visitors who can give informed consent.