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Magician’s Rock, Paper, Scissors!

In this activity, students play a magic-themed game to transform into different creatures.

Observation and paying close attention to the results of actions are key in scientific research... and in competing in this active game.


  • Explain the importance of observation when doing science.


  • Per Class:
    large open space

What To Do


  • 1 – A magician’s hat (hold hands in a triangle above the head)
  • 2 – A magician’s bunny (hop around like a bunny holding fingers up like ears)
  • 3 – A magician’s dove (flapping wings)

How to Play:

  1. Students begin at level 2. They move as the magician’s bunny.
  2. When two students meet they play rock paper scissors.
  3. The winner goes up a level (and makes the appropriate sign). The loser goes down a level.


  • Continuous play — For continuous play with no winner, set the rules so that students can continue to play, even if they lose when they are at level one.
  • Play with an ending — For play with an end-point and a winner, have students sit down if they lose while at level one. The last student standing is the winner!
  • Conga-line — When a level one student loses, they stand behind their winning partner with hands on the winner’s shoulders. They move as one unit, the winners gathering a line of students behind them. Eventually, the class will become two long lines with two magicians facing off!