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Springy Tag

The concept that potential energy can be converted to kinetic energy is reinforced in this fun and high-energy game.

This game is an adaptation of "Dead Ant."


  • Measure and compare the elasticity of various materials.


  • Per Class:
    large open space
    energetic students

Key Questions

  • Where does the energy in a snapping elastic come from? How about a bouncy spring? (Make the connection between the person receiving energy and compare it to a stretched elastic.)
  • What happens to stored energy when it’s released?

What To Do

  1. Everyone in the game starts off with lots and lots of kinetic energy.
  2. One person is “it.” This person is the energy drainer. When “it” tags someone, that person’s energy is converted into heat, and they must lay down with both hands and feet sticking straight up.
  3. In order for the energy-drained person to come alive, 4 people must help them store potential energy by tagging 1 limb each. Each time a limb is tagged, it stores up energy like a spring by bend at either their elbow or knee. When all 4 limbs are tagged, the person can spring up and begin running again.
  4. Once someone has been drained of energy 3 times (this is on the honour system!) they are now also “it”, resulting in many people being “it”. This makes it crazier when you don’t know who to run from!


  • Sometimes potential energy doesn’t become converted to kinetic energy. What are some other forms of energy that it might become?

Other Resources

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