• Ken Spencer Science Park

    Ken Spencer Science Park

Plant a seed, meet a chicken and lift one year of waste off the ground!

Re-imagine your role in creating a healthier community and world. Take a break and watch a science show on our outdoor stage. In the Ken Spencer Science Park, you connect to the local environment in a way that can only be achieved outdoors. Interactive exhibits and pop-up programming will engage you in the sustainability choices you make about your transportation, energy, water, food, waste and housing.

Stop by the Chicken Coop to learn more about our family of hens and how you can raise your own backyard chickens.



The Ken Spencer Science Park would not be possible without the generous support of:

BC Hydro
Government of Canada
Province of British Columbia
Dr Ken Spencer
Western Economic Diversification Canada
RBC Blue Water
Westport Innovations
Tire Stewardship BC

Skytrain Rail Replacement at Main Street/Science World

May 27th and 28th, Translink will be replacing the Sky train rails by the Main Street Station. Parking in our lots for the entire weekend will still be available but will be limited.  Please take caution, if you use the lot on this weekend.