Live Shows

Witness amazing live science shows with lots of audience interaction. You may even get a chance to help our scientists onstage!

Live Shows

January 6 - March 16


10:20am: Teacher's Choice

11:20am: Air

1:20pm: Illusions

2:20pm: Science Show

3:20pm: Science Surprises


10:20am: Science Show

11:20am: Science Show

12:20pm: Science Show

1:20pm: Science Show

2:20pm: Science Show

3:20pm: Science Show

4:19pm: Science Surprises

5:20pm: KEVA Tower Knockdown

Current Shows

Duration: 25 min

See the amazing ways that air can push as marshmallows, balloons, shaving cream and even pop cans try to resist the pressure of the air all around us.