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7 Easy Ways to Get into Robotics in Vancouver

Have you ever tried to build a robot? It's a lot of fun and a great way to test out your creativity and ingenuity. Lucky for us, Vancouver is home to a lively robotics community that offers a wide range of events and programs for anyone looking to delve into the world of robotics. Here are 7 quick resources that'll help get you into robotics.

Come to a robotics competition

To find out about VEX Robotics tournaments in your area, check out Robot Events. Zoom into the Vancouver area to see the times and locations of local tournaments. All VEX competitions are free for the public to attend and the competitors love to share their work with interested spectators.

Learn how to code

Computer code is the language that you use to communicate with your robot. Check out these resources that will introduce you to coding:

Scratch: Make your own videos, interactive games and more. Fully prepared coding lessons for home and classroom use.
Ladies Learning Code: Digital literacy for women and youth. 

When you're ready to jump into a robotics course, check these out:

Science World's Robotics Club: These weekend programs give students the opportunity to work in teams to build and program a robot. Courses are offered to both beginners and experienced builders and programmers.

Robot Virtual Worlds: This computer program gives students a high-end simulation environment, so that they can learn robotics programming without robots.

Pacific Youth Robotics Society: Robotics Coaching Workshops train educators, first-hand, on how to use robotics to inspire their students.