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A Lightbulb Moment: Online Activities with Design-Thinking, AR, AI & More!

STEAM is an umbrella term that emphasizes the importance of art and design to other STEM fields. At Science World, we believe the “A” in STEAM helps ensure the creativity and critical thinking necessary when pursuing ground-breaking innovation that benefits everyone.  

For this year's Girls and STEAMwe explored the intersection of art, design and cutting-edge technology with our friends at UBC, BCIT and New Media. Try out these online activities and explore the field of augmented reality (AR) which occupies the intersection of art, design and technology and introduces new ways of exploring abstract art. You'll also have a chance to delve into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning and try to train your software to tell the difference between your face and a toy.

Not nerdy enough for you? Discover how an integrated team of artist, coder, educator, and nurse can collaborate to design comprehensive processes to deliver cool solutions to real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence - Is this Me? 

UBC Geering Up: Explore the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning through the Google "Teachable Machines" tools to see if you can train your computer to tell the difference between your face and a toy's face. 

Abstract & Augmented Reality Art 

New Media: In this activity, explore emotions and depict them through creating abstract forms (installations) and via augmented reality. 

Collective Brainpower is a Game-Changer

BCIT School of Health Science: What happens when the great minds of an artist, web developer, game design engineer, educator, and a nurse come together? They change the way we learn and deliver healthcare education. Together, these talented individuals of the STEAM community develop engaging virtual game environments that immerse learners in real-world situations enabling them to safely interact with patient avatars. See how this collective brainpower is making a difference in education and healthcare. 

Want to delve into more online activities?

From design-thinking to building a landslide in your kitchen, choose from a range of topics from this year's Girls and STEAM Virtual Symposium! You can even stream our keynote speeches by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and marine biologist, Dr. Sarika Cullis-Suzuki.