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Barbara Brink Internship: A Goodbye

On the Friday of my ninth week, a family from Halifax visited Science World through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Maher, a fourteen-year-old boy, made a wish to visit Vancouver. Since he is passionate about science, the foundation decided to plan him and his family a trip to Science World. Over the visit, our staff assisted with tours, setting up activities, and providing lunch for the group. In the morning, I led a tinkering session for them using squishy circuits. Since the family required a translator, there were certain challenges in communication but, since they were eager to connect with us, I found it pretty easy to guide them through the tinkering activity.

Later in the day, I joined the family for lunch and had the opportunity to be their photographer. I really enjoyed spending time with the children and hearing about their experiences as a Syrian family, joining a new community in a foreign country. Plenty of my own encounters and struggles as an immigrant were echoed in their stories, and it felt amazing to be able to understand and connect with some aspects of their lives.

While my last week was intense, it provided plenty of opportunities for me to reflect upon my internship. I gave a presentation to share my projects and experiences with Science World staff and on the same day, I had the chance to meet Carmen Wong, Science World's 2015 Barbara Brink Intern. There was never a dull moment in my time at Science World — I encountered new challenges and learning opportunities around every corner.

Through my time in the museum, I had the chance to engage with the public, collaborate with diverse staff, share my scientific knowledge, and support the creative atmosphere under the dome. The experience allowed me to develop customer service skills, grow in confidence, and reap insights I can apply to my future endeavours.

As for my internship projects, I am grateful to have explored so many areas through the resources provided by Science World’s programs. I enjoyed designing my Arduino touch sensor fan, as well as constructing an autonomous, obstacle-avoiding robot. Not to mention, prototyping Ozobot and homopolar motor activities through leading tinkering workshops for visitors. My summer, thanks to the Barbara Brink Internship, has been an absolutely enriching experience I will treasure forever. 

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