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Barbara Brink Internship: Week Four

While researching Arduino project materials and compiling a purchase order this weekend, I have been truly astounded by the resources I have at my fingertips. The sky’s the limit. Only last month, I had no knowledge of Arduinos and Micro:bits. Now, a few glorious weeks later, I have a box full of electronics, ultrasonic sensors, touch sensors, humidity and temperature sensors, LCD display screens, and — on top of all that — an order in the making. I am constantly discovering new information around every corner.

Each week, I share long-winded accounts of my project process with my sister — an Engineering Physics student. We discuss programming with an enthusiasm I have never experienced before. This internship has opened up countless possibilities — ones I have never dreamed of. It continuously provides opportunities for exploration, igniting curiosity and motivation for me to learn.

Outside of my personal development, I am truly fortunate play a role in supporting the growth of the community through science facilitation. I love witnessing the jaw-dropping “wow” moments  of visitors at Science World, and I am proud to be fostering a sense of wonder in the dome.

This Monday, I ventured into my fifth week of my internship. During a conversation with a room full of children at a summer camp lunch, one camper spoke up, “Do you remember me? You taught me how to make homopolar motors.” We discussed new questions that arose for him and analyzed the experimental process he could explore, all the while including surrounding children in the conversation. That moment — as odd as it may seem — felt surreal. It prompted me to recall all the quirky and unique experiences during my tinkering workshops. I find it unbelievable to be connecting with my community in this way. I am grateful to have a platform to impact others through sharing my interests and curiosity.

Beyond my time on the floor, I have had the opportunity to learn more about my co-workers at Science World. Each person has exciting stories to share. I love hearing about all the diverse experiences they have encountered at various points in their lives. In addition, I have begun to learn more about the projects of the co-op students. Their ideas spark contemplation of new possibilities, from 3D printing to laser cutting. Hence, over the remaining time of my internship, I hope to persist in learning about the people around me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by role models — people who actively engage, inspire, and empower others through their dedication.