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BC Green Games: How To Get Involved In Science World’s Eco-Contest

What are the BC Green Games?

BC Green Games is Science World's digital eco-storytelling contest open to BC students from kindergarten to grade 12. The goal of the contest is to motivate BC students to initiate environmental actions within their school and local community and to share their inspiring eco-stories. The contest not only motivates and helps students plan and document their project, but it also celebrates student successes with various cool prizes. The best part is, win or lose, all BC Green Games teams are invited to visit Science World at TELUS World of Science for a free field trip during Green Month!

How can schools get involved in the BC Green Games?

School teams can get started today by signing up to be on our mailing list to recieve program updates and news! In early October, teams will be able to submit their action plans for a chance to win a Sony camera or an awesome workshop that will help to inform a great project. Teams must submit and share projects by March 1 to be eligible for the main prize and to campaign for one of four Viewer's Choice Awards. Winners are announced in early April.

This timeline is helpful in allowing students to begin thinking and planning projects and environment actions before they commit to their final project idea. Also, many teams find that if they start a few months before the submission deadline they have time to document, via photos or video, their green journey.

How are projects judged?

For the past three years, I’ve had the chance to judge some amazing projects using a great teacher-tested rubric. The projects arrive to my inbox in early March and I always ensure I set aside time read the students’ stories and review the videos and photos they send along.

It’s great to see their engaging photos and videos and to hear the stories in their own voices. It doesn’t matter if their project is a brand new idea or if it’s something the school has been building upon each year, it’s always refreshing to see how their actions have positively impacted their school and local community. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing next year’s projects!

Check out last year’s amazing winning projects for inspiration!