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A Closer Look at Science World & the BC Science Teachers’ Association

Every year, Science World works with the BC Science Teachers’ Association (BCScTA) to promote and create professional development (pro-d) learning opportunities for science educators across British Columbia. Some opportunities take place at TELUS World of Science; while at BCScTA events, Science World hosts a booth or leads a workshop to share our digital resources and field trip information with teachers.

What is the BCScTA and what do they do? 

The BCScTA is a provincial specialist association created to provide curriculum support and pro-d opportunities for science teachers as a part of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF). In addition to providing pro-d opportunities, the BCScTA also contributes to the improvement of science curriculum and instruction, communicates with its membership and others who are interested in science education and provides a vital connection to the committees of the BCTF and other educational groups regarding the state of science education. 

How does the BCScTA connect with teachers at Science World’s educator events?

Members of the BC Science Teachers’ Association are invited to Science World’s biannual Teachers’ Night Out, where teachers can preview offerings at TELUS World of Science and plan their upcoming field trips. We regularly consult with BCScTA members and executives as part of our recent School Support Project, designed to further increase our understanding of best practices and trends related to science education in BC’s schools and communities. 

What role does Science World play at a BCScTA pro-d event?

The BCScTA hosts the annual Catalyst conference during the fall province-wide professional day. In 2011, Science World's Learning Lead, Dr Sandy Eix was the keynote speaker at Catalyst. Over the years, she and her father, John Eix (a retired high school science teacher), have delivered popular inquiry-themed workshops. At the October 2014 conference, the Eix and Eix team not only provided teachers with great teaching strategies, but also provided every educator with a bag of science materials to make his/her own classroom demonstration materials, including a PVC pipe potato launcher! 

How do Science World and the BCScTA partner to create Professional Development opportunities for teachers?

Members of the BCScTA and Science World’s education team meet regularly to brainstorm potential pro-d themes and workshop ideas. The results manifest in the form of smaller pro-d conferences such as the upcoming Inspiring Hands-On Science for the K–7 Classroom conference being held at TELUS World of Science on Friday, February 20, 2015. At this conference, there be opportunities to network and to see the Eix and Eix team in action, but participants will take back to their classrooms ready-to-use materials and resources to incorporate into their science toolkits.

Do the BCScTA and Science World have a digital partnership?

The BC Science Teachers’ Association and Science World have a shared resources site. The Catalyst for Science website offers teacher-reviewed and classroom-tested science resources. The provided resources also include those submitted as legacy pieces from presenters of past BCScTA Catalyst conferences as well as lessons and activities contributed by teachers and from the Science World and BCScTA archives. Together, Science World and the BCScTA have created a site where teachers can share and find curriculum-linked resources to use in their Grade 8–12 Science classrooms.

Teachers, check out Science World Resources and Catalyst for Science for free, hands-on, teacher-tested activities and the Educator's Hub to learn more about February pro-d events.