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Day 9: Vice Principal Of Rick Hansen Secondary, Jacqueline Hall, & The School of Science

Today Science World’s On the Road team is travelling to Rick Hansen Secondary to present a Day of Family Science. We are especially excited to partner with this school as they strive to open a specialist School of Science and Business by 2017. Jacqueline Hall, the vice principal of Rick Hansen Secondary, shares her story of getting into teaching science and why a specialist school of science is important and necessary.

JH: I loved math and science as a high school student and, like many of our students today, I was on the path to become a doctor. However, when I began my studies at the University of British Columbia, my focus shifted and I fell in love with chemistry. In the end, I earned a BSc in chemistry with an environmental option (and a minor in French).

I've always had an affinity for teaching and loved school as a student, so a career teaching science seemed like a natural fit. I followed my BSc up with a BEd and started my career teaching Science 9 and 10. My goal in junior science was to inspire students with the possibilities of science. I believe it is our job as educators to ensure our kids leave our classes with a sense of hope; I wanted my students to leave my classroom with confidence in their abilities to learn and apply science and with the knowledge that careers in science were always within their reach.

You always wonder about the impact you have on your students. I feel there is no greater compliment than a parent telling you that their daughter went on into science in university because she loved your class or hearing a student tell you that you made science easy to understand. Moments like those are why teachers do what we do!

Rick Hansen Secondary has been recognized by the Ministry of Education as a School of Innovation and are very excited to be opening the School of Science (as well as a School of Business) in 2017. As a school community, we saw the opportunity that exists with the BC Education Plan to create diverse learning experiences for our students where they have the ability to develop their understanding and application in science. We created the School of Science in response to our parents and community who expressed a desire for students to be able to dive deeply into the sciences and solve real world problems. We are thrilled to have partnered with Science World on initiatives such as Super Science Club and Day of Family Science. We are also looking at possibilities like Future Science Leaders for our students in the Fraser Valley who, otherwise, would not have access to Science World initiatives. We are also very proud to be working alongside the University of the Fraser Valley’s Science and Business departments on school-based initiatives that will better prepare our students for the educational experiences that await them after they graduate.

The future for our future scientists is looking very bright! 

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Catch Science World's On The Road team at Rick Hansen Secondary 10:30am–2:30pm for live stage shows and hands-on fun!