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Discover Science World Resources: Winter-Themed Activities

At Science World, we do our best to up-cycle materials when we are creating science demos:

Use recycled wrapping paper to—Make Paper, Tumblewings, and Helicopters

Make snowflakes out of recycled drink can holders—Snowflakes

Play a holiday tune—Musical Bottles

More hands-on fun:

Create stunning crystals—Grow Your Own Crystals

Warm up and explore melting and solidification—Candles

Make beautiful, festive trees—Crystal Trees and Gardens

Explore properties of super-absorption—Fake Snow

Use changes of state to create chilly architecture—Ice Cube Towers (and before you make ice cubes check out our blog post Can I Freeze Ice Cubes Faster?)

Trick your eyes with a snowman thaumatrope—Dress a Snowperson Thaumatrope

Do some holiday baking—Kitchen Chemistry

Teachers and parents, for additional free activities visit our Resources pages.