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Discrepant Events: The Comeback Can

In honour of Science World's Fall Resources Month, we are sharing our new discrepant events video resources. A discrepant event is a result or a reaction that is unexpected. When students observe a discrepant event, they must ask themselves, why? Why didn't the observed materials behave in the usual way? What might be going on behind the scenes? How can we recreate the event and what are the forces at work? 

A discrepant event is a fantastic way to pique curiousity and inspire inquiry. Why not try the Comeback Can? This demonstration caught our science campers by surprise and inspired some incredible questions and theories.



What did your class think? 

Throughout Fall Resources Month, we are celebrating with a friendly competition. If you would like to be entered to win a field trip to your local science centre, simply register and share your favourite Science World resource. You can find hundreds of free resources in our Teacher Resources section. 

Happy sciencing!