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The Edibles Scavenger Hunt!

Do you remember the outings with your parents where you were bored out of your mind? Do you remember the times that someone invited you to participate in an activity and then for weeks after your family could not get you to stop talking about your experience?

Most children learn through hands-on activities that they enjoy. In the Ken Spencer Science Park, children learn through engaging activities that promote learning through connection-making.

For example, during the months of August and September, we gave our young visitors a chance to interact with our park through a hands-on scavenger hunt. Armed with coloured photos and short descriptions of a variety of edible plants, children engaged their five senses in a walkabout of discovery.

Success was built into this activity, because our facilitators were always on hand with helpful hints. Every young person completed the hunt and earned a reward. A generous donation on the part of Vancity, made it possible to give every child that took part in the hunt, a $5 coupon to spend at any participating farmers market. We asked the children if they would be purchasing some of the vegetables/plants that they had seen in the park as a way to ferment the association between the plants they saw growing and the ones that they eat.
Here at the KSSP we are always striving to facilitate inquiry and learning through engagement. We invite you to visit and experience the fun and learning to be had in the Ken Spencer Science Park!