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Eggstraordinary Eggsperiment

Want to learn how you can get inspired to do your very own Eggstraordinary Eggsperiment? Eggs are not only delicious and nutritious—if you can save up your egg shells for a few weeks, you can make your very own chalk! Eggselent for gifts or to keep for yourself. This is a fun and easy activity.

To make your own egg shell chalk: 

Grind up the egg shells finely, using a coffee grinder, a blender or even by carefully giving them a good bash with a rolling pin (be sure to ask an adult for supervision). Once you have a fine powder of shells, all you need is a bit of flour and water. Mix it all together until the texture is sticky and thick. Now comes the fun bit...adding colour!

The kids at our Super Science Club got really creative. Some chose to colour their chalk like nebulas and galaxies, others went for a traditional one-colour approach. It really is up to you! All you need is a few drops of food dye, and voila, egg chalk! Mould it into whatever shape you desire, perhaps you could have sausage (and egg!) shapes, or use some cookie cutters to create some cool star shapes. Here's the thing: it can take up to three days for your chalk to dry, so be patient. When it's done, you can use it on sidewalks or construction paper to draw eggciting things!

What a fantastic first term Super Science Club had! We learned so much about earthquakes, decomposers, launching rockets and making goo! We made cool things like lava lamps and worm composts (the messier the better), too!

Watch this space for more blog posts keeping you up-to-date with the latest experiments from the program. I can't wait to see what the kids will get up to next term.

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