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Equity Giving Program

Science World's Equity Giving  donors support children and youth across British Columbia (BC) by pledging shares or options to private companies through the Equity Giving  program. Equity Giving  is an easy way to give back to the community without having to donate now, at a time when your focus is on building your company. In an exit event, your impactful gift will support the next generation of programmers, engineers, scientists and doctors across BC. 

Thank you to this year's generous supporters of Equity Giving:

Corporate Donors
CFA Sports Inc.
Delta-Q Technologies
Genius Factor Games
John F. Gray & Travis Cote, Mentionmapp
Inetco Systems Ltd.
Intech Environmental Canada Corp
MailChannels Corporation, Ken Simpson & Yvette Gabrielle
Mobio Technologies
QuickMobile Inc.
ResponseTek Networks Corp
Softsearch Inc.
Tee Times Net Golf Reservation Inc.
Tradable Bits Media
Working Opportunity Fund, managed by GrowthWorks Capital Ltd.

Individual Donors

Jason Billingsley
Stewart Butterfield
Harry Chemko
James Dean
Herb Evers
John F. Gray & Travis Coté
Clay Haeber
Daryl Hatton
Jeff Hobbs
Ean Jackson
Dave Koo
David Main
Ian McEachern
Robert Park
Jeremy Ralph
Danny Robinson
Serge Salager
Garry Shearer
Mischa Steiner-Jovic
Morgan StuBill Tam
Sibylle Tinsel & Ean Jackson
Bruce Townson
Mark Williams

In recognition of companies and individuals whose pledges were realized this year, we’d like to congratulate the following:

dPoint Technologies, James Dean
Scorpion Software, Dana Epp

Equity Giving 2015 Beers in the Gallery Event Sponsors:

Presented by Microsoft Canada
McMillan LLP
Parallel 49 Brewing Company
A very big thank you to Stewart Butterfield from Slack Technologies Inc. for being our keynote speaker and new donor.