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Featured Activity: Humans vs. Wild Animals

Humans and wild animals have a lot more in common than you might think; after all, humans are animals too! As scientists continue to study our wild friends, they are finding more and more commonalities between wild animals and us. Many of the traits that we used to think set us apart from other species are being observed in birds, cetaceans, apes and elephants. Did you know that chimpanzees can use sign language, dolphins can teach each other tricks and elephants can recognize their own reflection in a mirror?

But when it comes to physical traits, there are areas where wild animals and humans differ. Wild animals have humans beat when it comes to flying, lifespan and speed. Cheetahs are the fasted moving land animal, reaching speeds of 120km per hour. The longest living animal is a quahog clam, which can live over 400 years. And not only can eagles fly without an aircraft, but their vision is 8 times sharper than a human's. However, the animal with the best long-distance running ability is the human!

What other traits can you compare humans to wild animals with and why do you think specific traits evolved? Check out our feature activity, Humans vs. Wild Animals and put your ideas and imagination to the test.

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