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Hey everyone! I’m going to keep this one short and sweet.

I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week organizing my files, tidying up the documents I’ve written, informing everyone of what I didn’t complete, passing my knowledge on to those who will be taking over my projects and most excitingly, FINISHING MY DEMO!

The science of studying visible sound/vibrations is known as Cymatics. If you don’t remember, my demonstration is meant to show the physics of waves, specifically sound waves, by making them visible. My demo is called a Chladni Plate in memory of Ernest Chladni, who was the first to build such a device using metal plates. I officially finished building the demo after putting it all together on a cart, testing it out with the public and writing up the necessary instructions. The public testing went fantastic and people were really interested in seeing everything it could do. I’m SO glad it went over well.

Wednesday, I did a final revision of the report I have to give to my boss, the internship funder and Science World’s CEO, including all the supplementary documents and a couple pictures for clarification. I think the report explains all the projects I took part in very well. And as a bonus, it looks professional. I’m really glad this and the demo are off my chest. Now I feel like I can relax again.

Before work Thursday, my department treated me to a goodbye breakfast at a nearby café. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have worked with them. Over the past two months every one of them has gone above and beyond to teach me things and help me get over hurdles. I am incredibly grateful.

Thursday was the first time I facilitated this week. I spend my first hour in Search: Sara Stern Gallery and took Zoomer, our box turtle, out for a walk around the gallery. You may think I’m kidding, but he moves fast when he wants to! Later in the day, I helped at our information desk near admissions, because it was really busy. That’s a tough job! There were a lot of questions that caught me by surprise.

It’s my last day. I’ve been saying my goodbyes all morning and as soon as I’m done this blog I’ll be cleaning my desk for the last time. This saying goodbye stuff is much more emotional than I expected it to be. I’ll miss this place, but I guess that means I’ll just have to visit.

Thank you for reading all my blog entries. I hope they have taught you a little bit about the behind-the-scenes work that the Barbara Brink Intern does.