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The Great Gosling Rescue!

Do you know what to do if you find a lone gosling? A few weeks ago, the Science World team was presented with a super adorable challenge. A passerby who happened to notice a lone gosling, waddling around on Main Street near the SkyTrain station, brought it to the Science World team for some advice on what to do with the fluffy little guy.

We figured that he must be exhausted from all the solo travel, so we lined a recycling box with a fleece sweatshirt and made sure to re-label the box. Geese are not recyclable. However, they are adoptable. Thanks to our resident nature expert Dale, we learned that families of geese often adopt goslings from other families. 

One of the Science Facilitators said that she had seen a family of geese in the park beside us only moments before, so we thought we’d take a chance that this was either the gosling’s family, or that this goose family would kindly adopt our goose.

Here’s what happened…