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Is Hippo Milk Pink?

Recently, the Science World Video Team got wind of a fabulous internet rumour. Hippo milk, as various sources reported, is pink! Well, this was news to us and certainly a cause for investigation. With the help of Brandi and Bonnie from the Greater Vancouver Zoo, we set out to find the truth about hippos.

What we found out was even stranger than expected!

Hippos have a pretty unique lifestyle. They do not care at all about personal hygiene. They like to spend most of their time lounging in a river, which might lead a person to think that they are very clean, but that isn't the case. When a hippo moves into a spot, the water is far from clean since hippos can’t be bothered to leave their cozy soak, even when nature calls.

Hippos are pretty grumpy too. If you ever come across one in the wild, I suggest you keep a safe distance. Hippos are fierce fighters and often cut and wound each other in their battles.

On top of all that, hippos are from Africa, where it’s very hot. They need to be able to withstand some pretty serious sun and heat. So, the hippopotamus has developed a super neat way of keeping its skin healthy—despite the sun, the wounds and the germs. And you won’t believe what it is! Check out the video below.