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International Mud Day 2014

Science World celebrated International Mud Day 2014, during the weekend of June 28 and 29. The idea behind International Mud Day is to join in with museums around the world and explore the science of mud. This special kind of exploration was conceptualized by Bishnu Bhatta in Nepal in 2010. He was inspired by the vast potential of mud. Did you know that mud can be used to make clothes, medicines and construction materials? Bishnu Bhatta wanted offer children the opportunity to better understand this natural wonder and what it can offer. The celebration, games and families splashing in the mud have continued ever since.

Since its inception, many museums have planned muddy events to explore and experiment with this dynamically dirty stuff. This year, Science World joined in on the festivities with play that included making mud cakes, castles and mud paintings. The families and children also had the chance to observe and discuss things like how worms move in mud. The children asked many science-based questions like, “How long does mud take to dry?” “Why does it mould so easily?” “Does the amount of water in the mud affect how it holds together?” Only by playing in the mud will you discover the answers.

Join us next year for more fun with mud!

For science fun with dirt and nature, join us from spring into fall, in the Ken Spencer Science Park. Plant a seed, meet a chicken and catch a live science show on our outdoor stage!