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Interns do quite a variety of tasks: week 6

Hello again!

Last week I took a bit of time off to go on a short vacation (it was wonderful, if you were wondering). I came in Monday feeling a bit disassociated from everything that was going on, though that feeling disappeared by midmorning.

I started this week off on a good foot by finishing my training in the OMNIMAX® Theatre. One of the science facilitator responsibilities is to focus a movie while it is playing. It turned out to be during a private screening of a movie that will be returning to Science World when AMPED opens.

Later, I met with John and Alastair—workshop staff who are helping me build my Chladni Plate/Wave Driver project. We went over every aspect of the project: what the plate needs to do; how it’s going to be used; who is going to use it; and then we outlined the parts and the timeline that I had for the project. It was a very productive conversation and they came back to me with a prototype before the end of the day.

Tuesday morning I met with Sandy about the AMPED-related changes that occurred during my vacation. The group had moved forward on a couple things, which means that my work will change a little.

On Wednesday, we had a last-minute schedule change that was going to leave a gallery unattended. Since I was working in the office at that time I said I could help out. The person responsible for day-to-day gallery operations was so happy that he asked me what I wanted as payment. I was going to say nothing, but then I realized that I really wanted to see Hubble, our special feature OMNIMAX® film which is only playing August 20. This would be the best way for me to secure my chance to see the film. Come say hi to me in the gallery if you see me there!

Thursday, while I was researching news stories for Science World’s website, I came across the live stream of the Gwaii Haanas’ Legacy Pole being raised. That was so cool to watch! If you want to learn about the first totem pole to be erected in southern Haida Gwaii in more than 100 years check out our news from elsewhere section.

Lastly, this Friday morning the funder of my program came by and I spoke with him about what I’ve been doing. It went very well and I was able to let him know how grateful I am for this experience. After that, I spent all my time getting AMPED school worksheets prepared.

Wow, this internship is going fast! Only two more weeks to go!